Energy Advice

Quick Guide to Running Costs

Electric is sold by the unit which is energy used by a 1Kw appliance running continuously for one hour. Below is a rough guide to the running costs of popular appliances; you can check the rating of your appliance by looking at the manufactures label on the item. The cost of one unit of electricity is indicated on your electricity bill.

Washing Machine

Average wash around 2 units

100W Light Bulb

10 hours use for 1 unit / 20W low energy bulb (CFL)- fifty hours use for 1 unit.

Electric Cooker

One week’s meals for a family of 4 uses about 15 units.

Large Storage Heaters

3½ units per hour but on a discounted tariff. It also stays warm when switched off, providing excellent value for money if used properly.

Immersion Heaters

3 units per hour

Money Saving Tips

  • Use the output control on your Electric Storage Heater to regulate how much heat you use. Turn heaters off in rooms you are not using, but keep the hall heater on (on a low setting).
  • By turning your thermostat down by 1 degree, you can save 10% on your fuel bill.
  • Showers use far less hot water than baths. You can have 5 x 5 minute showers for the cost of one bath.
  • If you are having a bath put the cool water in first to help prevent condensation.
  • Washing you hands in running water wastes money too. Put in the plug instead.
  • Never fill the kettle up full if you only making a quick cuppa.
  • Close your curtains at dusk to save heat from escaping.

For further energy saving advice from our subsiduary company Pentland Energy Advice please call the office on 01847 892507 for further infromation or visit the Consumer Focus Scotland click here.

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