Information about reporting a repair

In order to keep your home in good condition, we provide a repair service and an emergency out of hours service. We have a dedicated maintenance team who provide this service.

All repairs are carried out by approved contractors. We continuously monitor them to ensure they provide a prompt, high quality and value for money service.

Our categories and response times are:





8 hours

Fire/Flood/Gas leak/Break-in


2 working days

Roof leaks/Faulty locks/Electrical repairs/Plumbing repairs/Security measures


10 working days

Internal joinery works/Plasterwork/Building work/Roof repairs


5 working days

Minor repairs

By Phone

01847 892 507, option 1

Phone the number above during office hours to report a repair. Our operator will ask you a number of questions to assess the urgency and nature of the repair. We will then advise of the target time for completing the repair or give other relevant information.

Outwith office hours

07802 930 685

Only use this number to report emergency repairs which cannot wait until the next working day. Generally an emergency repair is one that is necessary to prevent serious damage to the building, immediate danger to health, risk to safety, or risk of serious loss or damage e.g. fire, flood, gas leak, break-in.

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