How we operate

The Association is run by voluntary Board of Director Members which employs a team of paid staff to carry out the day-to-day running of the Association. The Association employs 13 members of staff at the Traill Street offices in Thurso. There is also a Care & Repair Officer, Handyperson and Handyperson Technician.

The Association’s aims and objectives are:-

  • To enhance the social impact we make across our communities – this will be achieved by contributing to local regeneration, through social enterprise, attracting grant funding, and other means.
  • To enhance the services we offer to our tenants – such new services and facilities generated in this way should be of relevance and benefit to PHA tenants.
  • To protect the interests of our tenants – no activities carried on by our subsidiaries should be to the detriment of PHA’s tenants.
  • To protect the interests of Pentland Housing Association (as a business) – a core purpose of the group is to generate profits that can be ploughed back into PHA.

We recognise that in order to realise our vision we must work in partnership with other organisations. This includes the Scottish Government, The Highland Council, other registered housing associations, community organisations as well as private companies. Most of all we need to work closely with our tenants and customers to ensure that we provide the correct mix and quality of services at affordable prices.
Our wider aims

In order to meet our wider aims, back in 2006 we setup Pentland Community Enterprises which allowed us to create new and viable business ventures. So Pentland Community Enterprises is part of Pentland Housing Association, but operates as a company in its own right. Pentland Community Enterprises also owns and manages 341 garages on the Pennyland and Mount Vernon housing developments in Thurso, and this because the garages represent a commercial operation and therefore also can’t come under the Housing Association which is a charity. 

We also own Pentland Energy Advice – this company being the product of work carried out by Pentland Community Enterprises.

Please click on the links below for more details on the following services:

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