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Anti-Social Behaviour


Anti-social behaviour can be defined as anything which interferes with a person’s peaceful enjoyment of their home and its surrounding area. It forms a wide continuum of disturbing behaviour from minor problems with dogs, children, untidy gardens and lifestyle clashes through to serious noise problems, violent and criminal behaviour, racial harassment, intimidation and drug dealing.

Our Figures

Pentland Housing Association although recording all reports of anti-social behaviour still have significantly less reports of anti-social behaviour than our peers. We are also well above the national average for resolving cases within our local targets so will be looking to maintain this level in coming year.                            

Our Objectives

· To provide a safe and comfortable living environment for all residents

· To adhere to realistic targets for dealing with complaints of anti-social behaviour which will be reviewed annually

· To design out opportunities for crime and anti-social behaviour in the development process of new schemes

· To improve sound insulation levels in the development process

· To support and advise victims of anti-social behaviour

· To support and advise in addressing anti-social conduct where appropriate

· To use management initiatives, conflict resolution and mediation in the first instance to resolve anti-social behaviour

· To use the appropriate legal framework when preventative and management approaches have failed

· To work in partnership with other agencies

· To publicise the policy in order to encourage the reporting of anti-social behaviour

If you are experiencing anti-social behaviour, please get in contact with your Housing Officer on 01847 892507, option 2.

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